Английский язык онлайн с репетитором

Тест на определение общего уровня знаний английского языка

General knowledge of the English language

1. Hi. What's __________?
A you name
B your name
C the name
D name

2. How __________ is that CD player? – It's ?19.50.
A cost
B price
C many
D much

3. Where did you see Titanic? –I __________ it at Cineworld.
A saw
B see
C seen
D look

4. Do you come from Mexico? – No, I ____________. I come from Costa Rica.
A 'm not
B don't
C didn't
D doesn't

5. Stella's father is a ____________ . He built my house.
A build
B building
C builder
D built

6. How much homework ____________ every weekend?
A do you have to do
B are you have to do
C do you must to do
D are you must to do

7. My Mum says my brother's room is ____________ than mine.
A tidy
B tidier
C tidiest
D tidily

8. She's bought some sandwiches ____________ her lunch.
A from
B for
C to
D in

9. We __________ tennis at five o'clock every Thursday
A playing
B are playing
C play
D plays

10. If the weather is good, I __________ the children to the park.
A took
B taken
C take
D have taken

11. If you __________ ice, it melts.
A will heat
B heated
C heats
D heat

12. I haven't seen John __________ 2001.
A for
B since
C until
D before

13. Ouch! I__________ my finger!
A 'm just cutting
B had just cut
C 'll just cut
D 've just cut

14. __________ a lot of rain in Colombia.
A It's
B There are
C Is
D There is

15. What __________ to do?
A are you want
B is you want
C do you want
D does you want

16. When __________ finish?
A did you
B you
C have you
D are you

17. I __________ 50 years old in 2030.
A is
B am
C will be
D am being

18. I __________ to your flat if you don't want me to come.
A 'll come
B 'm coming
C won't come
D don't come

19. We __________ French by Mr Dubois, the French teacher.
A teach
B were taught
C learnt
D taught

20. __________ anything about astronomy?
A Do you know
B Are you know
C Have you know
D Do you knowing

21. I couldn't take any pictures because I__________ my camera at home.
A 'd left
B 'm leaving
C to leave
D 've left

22. The thief __________ by a security camera.
A was watching
B was be watche
C was been watched
D was being watched

23. Look at that girl in her Ferrari. She __________ be very rich!
A should
B can
C must
D may

24. The doctor asked me what I __________ when I broke my leg.
A doing
B had been doing
C have been doing
D 'm going to do